You can be heard more easily under the noise than above it.
- I'll Take Manhattan, Sidney Sheldon

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Do Good and Be Good

Today started with a big scare when I lost my handbag which has my wallet containing my identity card, driving license, ATM and credit cards in it and my mobile phone as well as my house keys.  I did not realized that I had left my handbag hanging in the shopping trolley when I drove off from the car park after putting the groceries in the car. 

I only realized that my handbag was missing when I was half way home and I immediately went back to the mall.  The trolley was gone and when I went to the customer service centre to report my loss, I knew that there was only a very slim chance that someone had found and handed in my handbag.   The people at the customer service centre were very nice but no one had handed in my bag and I was told to write a report so that the security people can help to check and see if they can find my bag and they would contact me. 

I left the mall with my mom and was already thinking of calling the banks to cancel my credit cards when I reached home and having to go to the police station to report the loss of my identity card and driving license. 

I was looking for the account numbers of my credit cards when the phone rang and to my surprise, it was my elder brother calling from the mall.  Someone had called him after getting his number from my mobile phone (it was a blessing that I did not lock my phone with a password) and told him  that he had found my mobile phone and had asked him to contact me and go to the mall to collect it.  

I quickly drove to the mall and upon arrival, I saw my brother with a man carrying my handbag.  My brother introduced us and the man handed my handbag back to me.  He told me that his wife had found the bag and had called him.  I was so relieved to see him and I know that all the things in my handbag would be there without checking inside. All I could say was thank you.

I am so grateful to him and his wife for finding and returning my handbag.  This good samaritan really made my day and I count my blessings.  I believe in karma and my mantra of “Do Good and Be Good” has been reinforced as the Universe will blessed you with people who will help you when you need them.

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