You can be heard more easily under the noise than above it.
- I'll Take Manhattan, Sidney Sheldon

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Daily Gratitude Log 13

Gratitude Challenge: 
Do a Gratitude Meditation 

For today's challenge,  I have to do a 15-min gratitude meditation where I will be expressing gratitude for things which are about to come true in my life! 

Although I have a 10-min daily meditation practice which is the first thing I do when I wake in the morning, which helps to start my day off well, I have never done a gratitude meditation before. 

The challenge is for me to think of two goals that I would like to accomplish in the upcoming period  and visualize them coming true and as if I am achieving them right then during my meditation and expressing my gratitude for them. 

The two goals that I would like to achieve are to meet my life partner and that I will find peace and happiness. I will be thinking about these goals when I do my meditation practice tomorrow morning as I find it easier to meditate when it is quiet in the morning.

I would like to share below a mantra card that I received together with a Serpentine bracelet which I bought online.  

3 Things I am Grateful for Today......

(i) my yoga teacher, Delphine who always encourages me to go deeper in my practice..making me see that impossible can become "i m possible".
(ii) my colleagues for agreeing to end the meeting so that I am able to go to my yoga class this evening.
 (iii) having my leave approved for tomorrow so that I can go for my acupuncture appointment. 

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