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- I'll Take Manhattan, Sidney Sheldon

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gratitude Log Day 10

Gratitude Challenge: 
Give a Gratitude Tip 

I only saw the today's Gratitude Challenge after I return from home in the evening. Although I did receive some service today, I don't think I would have given a gratitude tip to anyone as tipping is not  necessary in my country for most of the services provided. So far, I think we would only give tips when we eat at some restaurants when we feel that the service provided by the waiting staff is very good by leaving the change as tips for the staff even though we would already have to pay for the service tax in the bill.  

The challenge would be quite difficult for me to complete but I will try to see if there is any way I could give the gratitude tip for the next few days and report it here. 

I would like to share this picture and hope it inspires some of you to start something like it with your family.  

For myself, I will improvise by putting some money  in a jar at home whenever someone did something for me to express my gratitude.  I think it would be a good way for me to find gratitude in my dealings with everyone I interact with daily.   I will decide later what I would do with the money collected and it would be interesting to see how much is the collection. 

The money in the jar is my gratitude to my hair-stylist for her service today. 

3 Things I am Grateful for Today.....

(i) a nice hair cut and a relaxing head massage. 
(ii) coffee which helped to keep me alert while driving.
(iii) my yoga practice today which reminds me to always be honest with myself and not to let my ego takeover. 

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