You can be heard more easily under the noise than above it.
- I'll Take Manhattan, Sidney Sheldon

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Daily Gratitude Log 1

Gratitude Challenge:

10 Things I am Grateful for in My Life 

1.  My Mom

2. My Family 

3. My Health

4.  My Yoga Practice

5.  My Friends 

6. My Own Space, My Home

7. My Car

8. The Fans who like my I am A Yoga Kaki page 

9. Coffee 

10. Chocolates

3 Things I am Grateful for today....

(i)  the home-cooked meal prepared by mom when I am came home from the gym.

(ii) the pilates class which gave me a much needed workout but was fun at the same time.

(iii) watching the show "Barefoot Friends" with fun and inspiring stories from the characters.

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