You can be heard more easily under the noise than above it.
- I'll Take Manhattan, Sidney Sheldon

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Daily Gratitude Log 4

Gratitude Challenge :
Reflect on the Meaning of Gratitude 

When we feel grateful for the little things in our daily life, we start to appreciate the simple things in our life that bring us joy.  We learn to complain less and take everything in stride.  We acknowledge the people who has helped us and that when we are grateful and do good and be good, the universe has a way of bringing people in our life to help us when we need them.   I truly believe in this (please read my blog post "Do Good and Be Good").

3 Things I am Grateful for today....

(i)  being able to do my self-practice at the yoga studio as I don't have a space to do so at home. 
(ii) the delicious food prepared by mom and myself for dinner.
(iii) my yoga teacher, Azmi Samdjaga who always gives encouraging words for my yoga journey.  Thanks Cigku!  

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